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Facial tratment

Make it Clear     29 €
Cleansing and Care programme

Intensive treatment / Teeanger    39 € / 35 €
Cleansing, removal of skin disorders and care programme

Thalasso-Spa modellage or Hydro Alga Mask     45 €
Intensive humidity with deep action from the sea

Power treatment     54 €
Cell regeneration and tighting and firming of the skin

Classic-Plus treatment     52 €
Discover the secrets of beautiful skin

Anti-Stress    48 €
Relax and enjoy massage

Med-Sensible     44 €
Care for particularly sensitive and allergic skin
Supports therapy of extremely dry skin, neurodermitis or psoriasis

Couperose-Sensitive     44 €
Reduction of red skin and vessels protect and stabilize

Non-Plus-Ultra treatment     69 €
Effective treatment to firm skin immediately and provide it with
high quality ingridients, moisture and eyebrow wax

Exklusiv-Luxuary treatment     79 €
beauty highlight inkluding back-neck massage and eyebrow wax

Depending on your skin diagnosis, type and condition we work with peeling, enzyme peeling, steam,
removal of skin-disorders, ampulle, maske, serum, eyecare, massage and more.

To get special effects, all our products will become individually fit to your skin type.